Detective &Gallery owner 2006
Detective & Cleaner 2006
Vendedores ambulantes en Caracas 2006
Street's Display
Street's Display/ Catia-Caracas
El secuestro de la ministra de cultura

Many changes have happened in Profunda Mol’s life. ....

Profunda Mol’s uncompromising ambition took her from a life as a cleaning lady at a dark gallery to becoming the Minister of Culture. After that, she was named ambassador and shocked everyone with her life of luxury, excess, and debauchery in the city of New York. It was here that the golden imperial doors opened in all of their splendor, giving her access to the greatest world power; something unimaginable to the maid-turned-minister. Yet, predictably in the life of a woman so ambitious and perverse, it has always been the singular Profunda Mol, Deep Mol. 

Follow her latest adventure in this intoxicating tale of power, capitalism, and the spectacle of American politics.