Installation view
General view
Pocket Calendar (back)2003
Call me know, I am hot for you!
Pocket Calendar (Fetish)
Pocket Calendar 2003

 VI Salon CANTV Jóvenes con FIA, she receives the Second Award with the work “La tuerca y el tornillo. Calendarios de bolsillo” (The nut and the screw. Pocket calendars) and she receives the XI Eugenio Mendoza Award with the piece “Colección privada: Fantasías I” (Private Collection: Fantasies I).

In these works lies a subversive power and its possibilities of alteration of the canonical order, in order to have an “active scope”. The artist, as a representation subject, subverts logic and stereotypes of the desirable. She builds an object of desire taking its codes but the subject that represents those codes does not answer to the pre-established ideals.